Let’s jump!

Availaible in the following dimensions: Ø 70 x 20 cm (2,2 kg)

totally made of foam

No metal parts –  a lot of funjar of hearts

As children need to move they like to jump and bounce. The Mini-Trimmpolin is the ideal play and training quipment for jumping, and give a lot of possibilities for the children.

They can jump, run, walk or dance on the trampoline. There are unlimited possibilities.

Also the sense of balance will be trained. The children can better react on changes of the environment and have more safety in their movement.

Construction: Core made from special foam. Sewed cover made from tearproofed PVC-coated fabrics.

Materials and Colors: PVC-coated fabrics, appr. 680 g/m

Application: Suitable for children over 3 years eg. kindergarten, playrooms, school and club sports.

Also useable outside, as the foam is waterproof.

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