A lot of our articles are sewed. After sewing the covers we fill these with the different types of foam, so it’s possible to change covers on demand.

Gymnastic mats are produced with a zipper on one front end. The advantage of sewed gymnastic mats it’s possible to equip them with a lot of additional equipment, like carry handles, leather or velcro edges.

Gymnastic crash mats have a zipper on 3 sides, as well as close fitting carry handles or normal carry handles.

Our computer controlled bartacking machine is used for specials like carry handles, belt straps and so on.

Produktion Standort Tschechien                               Näherin Produktion Tschechien                              Nähen eines Planenstoffs                        Nähen mit der Nähmaschine


Laminating – Gluing
Here we use different technologies according to the demand. We use only environmental friendly, water based adhesives.

We are laminating the top and bottom of gymnastic mats Universal, caused by the bonding a wrinkling is impossible.

Also we are gluing differnt types of foam to Sandwich constructions together (for example the core for dismount mats, gymnastic mats Universal Superlight, and so on).

Kleben und kaschieren in der Produktion                              Kleben und kaschieren in der Produktion


For welding of coated fabrics we are using Hot Air Systems, Ultrasonic Systems and Hot Wedge Welders.

The edges of laminated gymnastic mats (gymnastic mat Universal) are welded with Hot Air Systems.


Foam cutting
For cutting foams we are using a new foam cutting line to cut the foam blocks into sheets. So we are more flexible in production.

Also we are using foam cutters for small cuts of foam.