Compounded foam

Recycling foam made from foam chips. This foam type is very durable and has optimal damping characteristics.

The typification is made by the volumetric weight of the foam (kg/m², called RG), which means the hardness of the foam. But by usage of different ingredients it’s possible to change the characteristics, for example we use for judo mats RG 200 with characteristics in hardness and damping like RG 230.

We use foams from RG 80 to 200 (kg/m²)

Usage: gymnastic mats, judo mats

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Soft foam

Soft foam can be produced with a wide range of characterists. The main advantages is the low weight, with a big volume. The typification of soft foams is made once by the volumetric weight (RG), on the other hand by the compression hardness in Kilopascal (kP), called SH.

That means that a soft foam with RG 20 SH 2,0, and RG 25 SH 2,0 have the same hardness (SH = 2,0), the difference ist the volumetric weight, what mean that the part of foam is different. So the advantage of the foam RG 25 is longer life-time, caused of more foam.

Usage: crah mats, high jump areas, pole vault areas, playequipment made of foam (softplay)

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PE-Light weight foam

Poylethylen-Light weight foam is extremely lightweight and stable, with very good damping characteristics. This material is especally suitable for gymnastic mats for children.

Usage: Lightweight gymnastic mats, playequipment made of foam (softplay)



Viscoelastic foam

Viscoelastic foam is available as compounded as well as soft foam, and have optimized damping charateristics and a fast energy absorption. So it’s possible to meet the same energy absorption with thinner foam for dismount mats.

Usage: Gymnastic mat “Future VEV”, Dismount mat “Future VEV”, Long jump mat