Judo mat “Profi”

This mats can be used for competitions.

Construction: Core made from high quality compounded foam (volumetric weight RG 200 kg/m³). Top and sides bonded with tearproofed, napped, anti-skided judo mats material. The bottom is bonded with a anti-slip material.

Due to the bonding a wrinkling on the top is impossible, so there is more safety for gymnastics. The bonding is effected by environmentally friendly dispersion adhesives. A durable bonding of the foam and the textile is guaranteed.

Worked square-edged to place it together without any gap.

Material: judo mat material

Colors: 01 Green, 04 Blue,05 Yellow,  07 Red

Standards: Tested according to EN 12503-3

Application: school- and club sports, competitive sports

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